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sooooo  tonight me and some friends were here at my apt drinking...when someone brought up live journal, and i yellled OMG I HAD ONE IN HIGH SCHOOOOL. so we get on, and we started reading somet of my old entries..and im writing this just to say ONE thing...

Letica Cota you are a dumbass. 

omg hahahhahahah WTF was i thinking? how fkn embarassing.

ok thats all..im out. peace.

and i swear..this is all i neeeed

i basically tooold juuulian too go fuck himself =]
ummm..im in sd again =] and i looooooooove love it=]
im reeally happy right nooooooow
school monday..yay..im excited=D
ima workout laaater
too bad i miss working out with my better alreeeadyy!!
well..ima goo=] im wearing a dress and i wanna chaaange

:) cant wait for the 31st:$=D

*crosses fiiingers*

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ahhhhhhhhh...2 jobs...WTF:P

haha im retarded

and lets seeeeeeeeeee
im talking to
and i like him
he makes me happy:)
and i like his angry face
and how he surprises me at my house:)
and how he pretends to get mad
annd how he gets upset if i dont visit him
and his diiimples
and if i dont dont answer my phone he calls a million times then leaves a message...."remember me" hahah<3333333
annnnnnd everything else=]

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i dont even know where to begin.

but i finally got my shit straight....

i have 2 jobs :)
and im STILL going to school..

i know..haha..

i wont feel at ease til i take care of that crap...
but after that...everything will be fine:)

i cant wait. 

i also cant wait to get paid..:P haha..

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i had this HUGE freakin essay....with a big explanationn..about things..about everything thats been going on.  but i deleted it..and alll i have to say is this :

if you want to hate me..GO FOR IT
if you want to believe everything everyone else is saying instead of asking me about it..GO FOR IT
if you want to ignore the situation GO FOR IT
if you want to know whats going on...ASK ME....

thats it
the end

i got some reallllly good advice about my situation = ] thanks<3